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Having a successful experience of creating personal change depends on this primary secret… GET STARTED! Take action and begin the create the change you really want.  

What Some Are Saying...

Kerriane S.

“I started seeing John for my anxiety. He is so great at what he does that it only took a couple of sessions to see a difference in my anxiety levels. I highly recommend John if you struggle ...

Julia S.

“Ever since I can remember, I’ve always struggled with public speaking. This year I had to perform two 20 minutes presentations in front of my class. By working with John, I was able to finish ...

Victoria Gallagher-Best Selling Author

“The thing that comes to mind when I think of my friend and colleague, John Soriano is integrity.  John has the courage, strength, and wisdom to seek, explore, and question. One of the true ...


3 Reviews

René DiPasquale

08 August 2022

08 August


Mr. Soriano, having worked with teenagers professionally for many years and having had one of his own, has a wealth of knowledge regarding issues affecting teen...
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Krishna Davis

07 August 2022

07 August


The approach Soriano takes for helping young people like myself is like no other I had ever experienced before with any other professional. His expertise helped...
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